21 Oktober 2009

Extended Abstract - My first journal

Recently broadband service demand are increase, this case encourage by various service make service provider compete to provide optimum service. This fact make a service provider to create an alternative access technology to fulfill service demand, such as asumming an ADSL modem. As a provider knows that, ADSL using is to optimize wireline network, which have been implemented. This case will make an benefit in operator side, because no other fee to attach new network. But the ADSL has difference of performance especially on downstream and upstream. Each type of ADSL give a different specifications.
This paper is analyze the difference between ADSL in management, physical and ADSL specification. So that, the best performance will be choosen by user.

Keyboard: downstream, modem, ADSL, upstream

huhhh . . . Alhamdulillah akhirnya kelar juga paper pertama ku yang bakalan dikirim ke beberapa seminar. Ternyata butuh waktu dan semangat yang stabil untuk bisa menyelesaikan semuanya.

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